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from the Brooklyn Council of Churches

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United State Government Links

The White House

US House of Representatives

US Senate

US Supreme Court

   FindLaw — Searchable Database of US Supreme Court Decisions since 1893

US Legislation — Bill Search

US Code

US Internal Revenue Service

   IRS Publication 1828, Tax Guide for Churches and Religious Organizations (9-2003)

US Department of State

   Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

   Annual Reports on International Religious Freedom

New York State Government Links

NYS Governor Official Site

NYS Attorney General

NYS Comptroller

NYS Assembly

NYS Senate

NYS Legislation — Bill Search

NYS Laws

New York City Government Links

NYC Mayor Official Site

NYC Comptroller

NYC Public Advocate

NYC City Clerk

   Marriage Bureau

   Clergy Registration for Marriages in NYC

NYC Department of Education

NYC Council

NYC Community District Profiles

NYC Charter

NYC Administrative Code

NYC Building Code

Borough President Links

Bronx Borough President

Manhattan Borough President

Brooklyn Borough President

Queens Borough President

Staten Island Borough President

Community Board Links

Bronx Community Boards

Manhattan Community Boards

Brooklyn Community Boards

Queens Community Boards

Staten Island Community Boards

District Attorney Links

Bronx District Attorney

Manhattan District Attorney

Brooklyn District Attorney

Queens District Attorney

Staten Island District Attorney

United States
       New York State       New York City       Boroughs


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